After Un dimanche à la chasse, the mini-serie Conte Cruel gains a new episode :

Un vendredi à l'auberge.

Street interview, reportage, tutorial, mini-série, Interview...

Do you need a dynamic, friendly, state of the art film? We adapt to your requests by relying on a collective of directors, cameramen, editors, actors ... Our 15 years of experience in the world of institutional film allow us to offer you films in harmony with your communication objectives.

spectacle vivant
Live performance recording, trailer, interview, music video...

From the show to broadcast, together, we will reach all targets of your project according to your budget.

Creative and recreational, movies production is a truly lab for technical and artistic experimentation, from short-film to movie, our target is to entertain our viewers.

Our experience allows us to offer you a customized support , from script writing to film screening, including directing and editing.

Script writing workshop, films directoring, shoot, play, we support student from elementary to high school.

Fro instance: elementary school Student from "Louis Aragon" in Niort and High school student from "Lycée Desfontaines" in Melle, both located in "Les Deux-Sèvres", France.